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Added: July 7, 2010
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4 Steps to Sales Success With Real Estate Agent Brochure Designs

[ by Patrick Cannon ]
Real estate agents looking to break into the top tier of their sales profession polish their interpersonal relationship skills and put the finishing touches on their marketing collateral to lift them over the competition. They make their personalized brochures present a compelling message on why a customer should use them.

This brochure, a picture into the realtor's service, is a summarization of the realtor's experience, credentials, and sales message put into a pamphlet for people to review. These brochures are meant to be given to prospects, clients, and hot leads to encourage them to go to that agent for their services. The bonus to brochures is that they cost under a dollar to print, can generate leads worth thousands of dollars in commissions, hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. Even if the brochure does not return many leads they easily pay off for themselves with just one. Better brochure designs yield better returns and sales.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a personal brochure.

Realtor Brochure Design
The brochure should include four basic elements. A recent photograph(s) of the Realtor, the sales copy writing, the company logo, and the contact information. A photograph of the agent helps people to recognize the agent and in concert with the brochure's marketing message, the sales copy writing, associates the Realtor with the brand and services detailed in that brochure. The business logo is your company brand. In many cases a Realtor may have other services to market to their prospects once they have bought a home. The company logo on the brochure reinforces that message that you and your company can provide those services in a professional manner. The sales copy writing, the slogans and product offering messages, help generate familiarity with your company services, frame the problem that your company solves for the customer, and creates the ultra compelling promise that you are the best solution for that problem

Realtor Brochure Printing
You can save a buck or two by not printing on all sides of the brochure in many cases. Resist the temptation. The entire brochure should be printed in full color on the appropriate special paper with items of interest on all sides. It is also helpful to have cuts in the brochure for a business card if you can swing it. Business cards are another important part of marketing a real estate agent as they get handed around to other people. They provide the contact information, and well done cards can be tools to help clients remember who the agent is. Keep the colors, contact information, and overall designs of the different items consistent with each other. It will reflect on your professionalism in a positive manner if you do and a negative manner if you don't.

Brochure Sales Message
What is printed on the Realtor brochure and how it is phrased is critical to the effectiveness of the brochure. Often when a Realtor creates an initial draft of a personalized brochure it tends to center too much around the agent and what they have accomplished. Mom may like to read about your full biography, but everyone else should hear about your services and products. Don't turn it into a 'me wall' or ode to your ego. Include the necessary elements to build your professional credibility. Like '#1 Sales Producer in the State for 2001-2008.' Certified for 'x'. Member of 'y'. Include the information in a way that shows the agent is skilled and more than competent in the profession. Dedicate the rest of the brochure to your sales message. When a prospect is looking for an agent they want to find someone who is credible, interested in helping others, and who doesn't portray themselves as a salesperson.

Realtor Brochure Distribution
The only way the Realtor brochure is going to be useful is if it is distributed out to the public as widely as possible. Give your brochure to anybody and everybody if they talk with people in your target market on a regular basis even if they are not quite in your target market themselves. Even if someone won't use it, the brochure may always be passed on to another person, or be put away until a later time.


About the Author:

Patrick Cannon is the CEO of, a business card printer that provides branded marketing collateral solutions for sales professionals that need the absolute best marketing materials. Specialized in realtor marketing materials like Realtor Brochures, provides Business Card Design with Free Delivery and Easy Online Ordering.

Copyright 2009

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Current rating: 2.33 (of 5) - 3 votes
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