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Added: May 13, 2008
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Custom Size Brochures That Work: 7 Brochure Defining Ideas

[ by Joel Owens ]
Brochures are known to give businesses and investors great investment returns but that is if and only if these brochures are effective. Luckily, some printing companies now offer custom size brochures. This could help make everything more efficient.

There is a huge difference between brochures and effective brochures because there are some brochures available that do not give justice to what they are supposed to do. Here are some basic steps that could help make brochures that really work.

1. Message

In order for you to be able to relay the right messages, you would have to know and study the kind of customers you will be targeting. The message that you will be giving will be one of the major components of your brochure. You know that the message works if you see that it is strong enough to make your prospects excited of what you can do for them.

2. Content

The content of your brochure must be very attractive to your audience but at the same time it must have beneficial information that would be able to answer all the questions that your prospects could possibly have in their minds.

Your content should also focus on just one particular theme. If you try and explore with more than one theme, chances are it would confuse the one reading your brochure. Concentrating on one particular idea would make your customers understand what you want to say in only a short time thus, they will also easily recall what you have told them. Your content must also be responsible for promoting whatever you want to sell.

3. Budget

You most also consider your budget because an expensive brochure does not always mean an effective brochure. It must be cost efficient. Some of the best brochures are the cheapest ones. And owing to today's technology, cheap brochures rival single-run print jobs.

4. Design

You must be hands-on on the design of your brochure. There are so many factors to consider from the concept to the paper material itself:

* Know what elements best represents your company identity or brand image. * Be sure that the texture of the paper is appropriate. * Know whether the brightness of the paper stock you used is right or sufficient for your print job * Choose the fold that best suites your final layout and custom size brochure. * Make sure that the colors work in harmony with each other.

Deciding and knowing these things would allow you to control your budget and the appearance of the entire layout of your brochure.

5. Visuals

It would really help if you put pictures on your brochure. These visuals play a huge part in making your prospects recall what you have fed their minds. Use up-to-date pictures that you know will help you sell your services. Studies have proven that more people tend to remember more if they see a picture that demonstrates such ideas.

6. Testimonials

Testimonials from prominent people really help a lot. These are the ones that help influence people into buying or availing such service through trust and confidence.

7. Unique

You have to make yourself different and identifiable. Putting yourself above the rest is the best way of being unique but you should also make the physical appearance of your brochure stand out.

Brochure printing companies offer custom size brochures to make your life easier. More often than not, these companies would also help you in designing your brochures. Rather than doing it yourself, it would be a very great idea to ask help from these professionals.

For more details you may check out Custom Size Brochures.

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