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Added: October 3, 2006
Article rating: 4.06 (of 5) - 154 votes

Descriptive Words And Phrases For Your Real Estate Ads And Flyers

[ by Michael E. Hart ]
A blank sheet of paper is never quite as intimidating as when it comes time to write or create something that other people are going to see. Even something as simple as a sales flyer, or a classified ad, can leave us staring into space wondering what to say.

Here are some words and phrases to help jumpstart your creative juices.
Words: Comfortable stylish luxurious warm romantic magnificent elegant exciting fresh distinct graceful original tremendous soothing stunning practical superior classic sparkling secluded textured elaborate paradise towering tranquil peaceful transformed personality.Upscale ideal significant affluent innovative prestigious inexpensive substantial unique tasteful remodeled private rare character graceful authentic original amazing spectacular vibrant versatile elite restored timeless coordinated classy colorful majestic incredible eclectic imaginative.

Sensational modern excellent masterpiece historic retreat distinctive unsurpassed glamorous refined flair stunning outstanding intimate dynamic genuine impeccable overwhelming exclusive irresistible dramatic comfy charming sophisticated enchanting memorable exquisite inviting sensible exclusive revitalized oversized cozy.

Phrases: Vibrant colors, exceptional quality, smart design, convenient location, southern comfort, functional style, hidden treasure, old-fashioned style, budget-smart, endless possibilities, contemporary charm, beauty and function, urban charm, stylish and practical, charm factor 10, southern heritage, family friendly, bright and cheerful, nostalgic flair, fit for a king, custom built, picture perfect.

Create phrases that match your needs. Here are some other ideas or phrases that might work for you:
1.Convenient to shopping, airport, malls, hospitals, schools, parks, highways, downtown, restaurants.
2.Quiet neighborhood, family neighborhood, kid friendly neighborhood.
3.Low maintenance, easy to care for.
4.Easy highway access, public transportation within walking distance, easy to find.
5.Financing Available to Qualified Buyers, Minor Credit Problems Are No Problem.


Michael Hart is a Mortgage Consultant based in Peachtree City, GA. He is also a former real estate agent, a private investor, and author of several articles and reports on real estate and real estate investing. He can be contacted through the internet at or by phone at 678-318-3542.

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Current rating: 4.06 (of 5) - 154 votes
  • Cheri February 20, 2009
    Excellent tool. It's convenient and a great help. Thank you!
  • Chloe April 14, 2008
    I found out everything I needed. Excellent information.
  • Angelina Graff October 21, 2006
    Excellent information.
  • June Kimbrough October 16, 2006
    Great and fresh ideas. Some I have used, and now there are other ideas. Thanks.
  • Brenda in NH October 15, 2006
    What a wonderfull sharing! Many thanks!
  • ray October 12, 2006
    many thanx! can't believe this is free!
  • Jim Dwyer October 12, 2006
    Thanks for some great starter words.
  • David October 11, 2006
    Recommending the phrase "family neighborhood" is not a good idea. It may suggest that a single buyer is not welcome there, thus potentially opening up an agent to a discrimination lawsuit.
  • Dennis Reed October 11, 2006
    Keep em coming!!!
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