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Added: August 3, 2006
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Reasons To Follow-Up With Prospects

[ by Bette Daoust, Ph.D. ]
Each time you contact someone, you learn a little more about what they do, their hobbies, interests and other personal information. You should be making note of everything that is important to that customer.

You should be keeping your power page up-to-date at all times.

These are the crucial notes that give you the information you need to make a touch point with this person. Remember that any excuse will do when contacting a client. Some people call this the inner ring of importance.

There are some people that do this extremely well and their career in sales seems to be unrealistic in the way they have repeat customers.

I remember reading a book by Joe Girard on how to "Sell Anything to Anybody". In this book he outlined the things he did to keep the customers coming back.

One of the most important points in this book was that he kept in touch with all of his customers from day one. He bent over backwards with customer service and made sure they got what they needed. His customers always came back even if the price was slightly higher.

Why? Because he kept in touch with them and gave them the service they loved.

If you see something that will interest your client, pass it along. You do not need to make a sales call each time you have a touch point. All you have to do is show that you are interested in them.

My step father was always cutting out newspaper articles that he thought I would like to read. It seemed very curious that he would take such an interest in what I did but I also found out that he did the same thing for the rest of his family.

It was his way of keeping in touch and letting us know that he cared. The same should be true of your customers. You need to show you care and that they are valued.

If you focus on the customer at all times, you are likely to increase the amount of business you get from them. You will be in their minds when it comes time to select the correct person to fill a big order or to manage a project.

Bette Daoust, Ph.D. is a speaker, author (over 170 books, articles, and publications), and consultant. She has provided marketing, sales, business development and training expertise for companies such as Peet's Coffee & Tea, Varian Medical Systems, Accenture, Avaya, Cisco Systems to name a few. Dr. Daoust has also done extensive work with small businesses in developing their marketing, training, and operational plans. You may contact Dr. Daoust at You may also view her latest publications at or

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Current rating: 3.89 (of 5) - 19 votes
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